Frequently Asked Questions

How does event permitting work?

Due to the nature that each event is different and can vary in size, attendance, specifics, and scope, we ask that the event organizer, aka the purchaser of services that is in charge of organizing the event, acquire the necessary permits based on the events details.

The Beach Oasis is nothing more than an equipment rental company, and doesn't advertise itself as anything more.

For beach events, we are happy to direct you towards the LA County Beaches & Harbors Special Event Permit application process, in case you are interested in permitting your event.

Steps to get special event permit in LA County (Where Applicable)

Step 1: Create LA County.gov Permit account with email and password.

Step 2: Select Harbor / Beach Use

Step 3: Select your preferred location

Step 4: Then change your number of attendees to the quantity of people you expect at one time

Step 5: Select date and time for the event

Step 6: Select proceed

Step 7: Answer questions in the event details like event type (Beach/Harbor Use) and Event Name

Step 8: Answer all Custom Questions about the event like: 

"Do you plan on serving alcohol at your event?" 

"What is the main function(s) of your event?"

"Will your event have sponsorship, donations, fundraising, entry fees, rentals, or other hired services? A 15% gross receipts fee applies."

"Which will your event have?" (Select Rentals and others that apply) (Select catering if you plan on having on-site catering) (Select catering for alcohol if you plan on having that as well)

"Will your event have tents or canopies?" (Select yes if interested in a set up with canopies)

"How many and size(s)? If 20'x20' or larger will require Building and Safety permit, may also require a Fire Marshall permit." (The answer depends on what package you decide on)

"Will the event coordinators reference the provided DPW’s Waste-Free Event Guide for eco-friendly practices during the planning and execution of the event?"

Step 9: Agree to Beaches, Permits: Beach Use Permit Agreement

Step 10: Agree to DPW Waste Free Event Guide

Step 11: Add to cart

Step 12: Agree to Reservation Waiver

Step 13: Select finish to start the application process

Step 14: Wait for response from LA County Beaches & Harbors representative about further requirements and next steps.

What's your cancelation/refund policy?

We allow cancellations and offer future use credit with 72 hours of notice. All sales are final, but our future use credits allow our guests to postpone to another date in case something comes up.

What beach locations do you service?

We service pre-selected locations at the following beaches:

Palisades - Will Rogers North

Palisades - Shore Drive

Palisades - Lifeguard Tower 15


Santa Monica - Lifeguard Tower 20

Santa Monica - Lifeguard Tower 25

Santa Monica - Lifeguard Tower 28


Venice - By the Jetty

Venice - North of Pier

Venice - South Venice Blvd


Marina Del Rey - Eastwind Street

Marina Del Rey - Light House

Marina Del Rey - Reef Street

Do you offer custom locations?

We offer custom locations from Malibu down to Orange County. Location is subject to a custom location fee. The custom location fee depends on the location.

How do I find my set up on the day of my booking?

The day before your booking, you will receive a booking reminder email with all of the details you need to find your exact setup location. The email will also include information about the best places to park, as well as the contact information of your Beach Oasis attendant in case you are running late or have any extra last minute requests.

What if I am running late to my reservation?

Please contact your Beach Oasis attendant to inform them that you expect to arrive late. We allow for a 30 minute grace period. After 30 minutes, The Beach Oasis may charge $50 per 30 minutes of delinquency. In the case no one from the group arrives within 1 hour of the start time of the booking, the booking may be considered void.

Can alcohol be delivered to the beach?

We don’t deliver alcohol to the beach due to permit requirements and alcohol laws. Guests should be aware that it is against the law to consume alcohol on the beach.

Can you provide catering services?

If you are interested in catering, we can suggest our favorite catering options and coordinate ordering and delivering the food to your set up. 

What services does The Beach Oasis offer?

The Beach Oasis offers luxurious cabana rentals and picnics for beach or backyard events in Los Angeles and Orange County. We also offer beach fire pit set ups / beach bonfires Los Angeles at Docweiler Beach, the best place for fire pit beach Los Angeles. What could be better than having your event at a beach bonfire in Los Angeles, surrounded by your friends and family. Beach fire pits Los Angeles at Docweiler can be a great place to relax, BBQ on the beach, and enjoy the sunset. LA beach bonfires are a family friendly adventure and can create quite the atmosphere for a memorable event. 

The Beach Oasis is the premier Los Angeles beach cabana rental company for your consideration. Luxury beach picnics in Los Angeles is a specialty of ours as well, whether at the beach or in your backyard. We are a specialty beach event rental company.

We offer these luxury beach picnics in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Marina Del Rey. We do beach picnic set ups across Los Angeles. We do beach picnics in Santa Monica. We offer Malibu beach picnics, Pacific Palisades beach picnics, Santa Monica beach picnics, Venice Beach beach picnics, and Marina Del Rey beach picnics. We also provide beach picnic Orange County, so our service range is pretty wide as long as our guests are ok with the custom location fee.

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