About Us

Welcome to The Beach Oasis, your premier destination for beach cabana & beach picnic rentals in Los Angeles. Our commitment is to offer a luxurious beach experience while ensuring our guests can truly relax & enjoy the moment during their special events. Established in 2022, we are a team of beach enthusiasts who have a passion for creating unforgettable events & experiences for our guests. We currently service beaches & events from Malibu to Laguna Beach. Whether you’re in search of beach cabana rentals for large gatherings, bonfire rentals at Dockweiler Beach, opulent sunset beach picnics, or a romantic lounge setup for two, The Beach Oasis has all that you need & more. Experience the best the beach has to offer with The Beach Oasis.

Why Us

Exclusive Custom Locations

The Beach Oasis offers access to the most pristine and beautiful beaches from Ventura to San Diego. We are very flexible and try to work with our customers to make the requested custom location work. Our team is willing to exceed your expectations to make sure your experience is perfect.

Personalized Event Planning

The Beach Oasis goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers events are nothing but incredible. We offer personalized event planning and customizations based on our customers requests or requirements. We are overly communicative and make sure that no detail is overlooked. This allows us to ensure that each and every event that we are trusted with is unique and memorable.

Positive Customer Experiences

The Beach Oasis has worked hard to make our customers special events perfect. Our customers love us for our aesthetic, responsiveness, customer service, and ability to deliver on what we promise, a spectacular event at the beach or in the backyard.

Easy Booking Process

The Beach Oasis emphasizes an easy and efficient booking process to enhance customer experience. This process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing customers to select their preferred services and event details with ease. The streamlined approach includes clear choices for different packages, straightforward pricing information, and a simple online booking form. This simplified booking method ensures that customers can quickly and easily plan a beach or backyard event without any unnecessary complications.

High Quality Service

High-quality service is a standout feature of The Beach Oasis, marked by comprehensive attention to detail and exceptional concierge service. The concierge are dedicated to ensuring every aspect of an event is perfect, from the initial setup to the final moments. They pay close attention to customer needs and preferences, offering personalized experiences. The concierge service is noted for its excellence, going above and beyond to fulfill special requests and provide a streamlined event experience for our customers.

Elegant Ambiance

Our cabanas are designed and planned with great care and attention to detail. We use natural materials to create a warm and elegant aesthetic on the beach, found nowhere else in Los Angeles. The sage green and creams blend together to create a high-end boho environment.