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The Beach House

The Beach House

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Elevate your beach day to new heights as you immerse yourself in a luxurious beach cabana experience, designed to accommodate up to 26 guests. The Beach House offers comfort and relaxation for most party sizes, ensuring your guests an exclusive beach or backyard event that is both private and sophisticated.

Included: 7 Wooden Beach Chairs, 2 Hardwood Tables, 2 Side Tables, 6 Lounges, 2  Beach Umbrellas, 2 Large Beach Rugs, 1 Large Hard Cooler, 1 Speaker, 1 Decorative Basket, 1 Decorative Coffee Table Book, 8 Ground Pillows, 1 Canopy

*At The Beach Oasis, we want your beach day to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible! Just a friendly reminder that it's up to our guests to follow local rules and get any necessary permits. This includes ensuring you stay within the allowed number of guests per cabana or lounge. If you need help with the Los Angeles permit process, we're here to assist you!


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