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The Bonfire Oasis

The Bonfire Oasis

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Join your friends for a memorable beach evening with The Bonfire Oasis. This exquisite setup fuses the allure of a beach bonfire with the sophistication of a premium beach lounge. Ideal for groups of up to 15, The Bonfire Oasis elevates your beachside gathering with elegant lanterns and comfortable seating, setting the ideal ambiance for enjoying s'mores and stories by the fire.

Included: 9 Chairs, 7 Seating Pillows, 2 Side Tables, 1 Large Cooler, 4 Lanterns, 2 Umbrellas, 1 Bluetooth Speaker, 4 Fire Starters, 1 Jet Lighter, 1 Kindling Bundle, 1 Large Firewood Bundle, 18 S'mores Sticks, S'mores Kit (Enough for 18 smores)

*Per our terms of service - You are solely responsible for adhering to any restrictions and regulations pertaining to the Location, as well as obtaining any necessary licenses, permits, and permissions necessary or desirable for your use of the Location, and hereby warrant that you shall do so. You will be solely responsible for any fines issued to guests if county or city regulations are broken, including exceeding the number of allowed guests per cabana or lounge.

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