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The Bonfire Oasis Grandē

The Bonfire Oasis Grandē

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Assemble beside the ocean and indulge in the unique experience of The Bonfire Oasis Grandé. Combining the charm of a beach bonfire with the sophisticated comforts of a luxury lounge, this setting is perfect for hosting up to 27 guests. The Bonfire Oasis Grandé offers an elevated beach experience, complete with stylish lanterns and lavish seating, perfect for enjoying s'mores in a high-end, cozy atmosphere.

Included: 15 Chairs, 11 Seating Pillows, 4 Side Tables, 1 Large Cooler, 8 Lanterns, 4 Umbrellas, 1 Bluetooth Speaker, 4 Fire Starters, 1 Jet Lighter, 1 Kindling Bundle, 1 Large Firewood Bundle, 26 S'mores Sticks, S'mores Kit (Enough for 26 smores)

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